The Cambie Malone’s Group was founded in 1988 in Vancouver, BC.

With 5 locations in Downtown Vancouver and 4 locations on Vancouver Island and over 200 staff, The Cambie Malone’s Group continues to provide its customers with the best value, customer service and product. We strive to provide an exciting experience at all of our locations through consistent great service and teamwork.

We believe we are industry leaders and innovators throughout all of our locations, which is contributed to hiring talented individuals whom we allow to expand along with the company’s growth.

Head Office

Sophie Negus

Vice President

Favourite Drink

Vodka Soda

Scarlet Osborne

Operations Manager - Island

Favourite Drink

Cold rosé in the hot sun

Shams Albayati

People & Strategy

Favourite Drink

Gin & Tonic with lime

Mark Peterson

Operations Manager

Favourite Drink


The Cambie Bar - Gastown

Eddie Pontiles

General Manager

Favourite Drink

Venezuelan Rum & Coke

Chloe Woolsey

Assistant General Manager

Favourite Drink

Hazy IPA

Mariana Barboza

Marketing Manager

Favourite Drink

Sangria or any boozie drink!

Malone's Social Lounge and Taphouse

Rachel Charnock

General Manager

Favourite Drink

Gin & Tonic

Monika Pavlovska

Marketing Manager

Favourite Drink


Chihuahua's Mexican Grill

Martin Cruz Marshall

Location Manager

Favourite Drink

Spicy Mango Margarita

Vancouver Island

Nelson Johnston

Area Manager

Favourite Drink


Lynette Jarrett

Marketing Manager

Favourite Drink

A good white Bordeaux

Debbie Wagner

Store Manager

Favourite Drink

Craft gin on the rocks!